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Welcome to Healing Balance LLC Holistic Wellness Therapy

It is my belief that the gift of wellness is something that we can all enjoy.  Thank you for
allowing me the honor to be of assistance to you in your wellness journey.  

About Lisa Harthun - RMT, VST, EM, CCH, CHt, Shaman
Lisa Harthun is a clear-channel intuitive empathic Reiki Master Teacher, Vibrational
Sound Therapist, Shaman, Herbalist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister,
who uses a multimodality holistic approach to health and wellness. Lisa uses Reiki,
a universal lifeforce energy, along with other healing modalites to compliment any
e xisting medical treatment, and to devise an i ndividual ized session for you in order
t o facilitate greater healing, and balancing, as well as to  alleviate the symtoms, and
challenges from stress, anxiety, depression, P.T.S.D., A.D.H.D., Autism Spectrim,
various stages of cancer and other illnesses, inflammation, migraines, insomnia,
hormonal imbalances, post-op recovery, and  various forms of blocked energy,
and it just might be the missing piece in your wellness puzzle.

Lisa is also a volunteer through the First Step Program of Southeastern Michigan Women's
Survivor Group, the VA Hospital in  Ann Arbor, and Angela Hospice in Livonia, as  well as
local cancer centers throughout southeastern Michigan, and provides Equine Therapy
through a private foster stable in Dexter.   She is the founder of Bags with a Cause Chemo
Comfort Bags, a local fundraiser   providing cancer patients with patient care bags to help
ease their long treatment days,  and is a member in good standing with the International Reiki  Association.   

Facebook:          https://www.facebook.com/healingbalancellc/

Meetup:      https://www.meetup.com/Healing-Balance-LLC-Holistic-Wellness-Therapy/     

If you would like more information, or are interested in  supporting Bags with a Cause -
Chemo Comfort Bags,  look for them on Facebook: 

Meet Your Wellness Practitioner

  1. Lisa Harthun RMT, VST, EM, CCH, CHt, Shaman
    Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Herbalist, Life Coach, Hynotherapist, Energy Master, and Ordained Minister, who uses a multi-modality holistic approach to health and wellness. I incorporate many healing modalities into a custom session as needed and requested by my clients; Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Angelic Healing, Herbal Alchemy, Pranic Breath Work, Shamanic healing elements and drumming, sacred geometry, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic wellness and massage . The gift of wellness is something that we can all enjoy.